Somos La Herencia premiere the videoclip for their new single. “Cuero Rojo” deals with the mundane, the day to day duties, with a working life repeating the same thing over and over again. As time goes by you realize that all those promises that they made to you and that you made yourself about your future are not true; that even if you are and indeed think you are an angel, at the end of the line your destiny does end up being monotony, repeating the same routine over and over again until the end of time. “Cuero Rojo” explores and exposes a truth as powerful as that previous one: that, sooner or later, we all feel the urge to break with what has become our present, forget all the promises we made and values that we have learned and, perhaps, although maybe just for one night, have red leather skin.

‘Dolo’, Somos La Herencia’s debut album is sold out but you can still buy it in digital and listen to it at streaming platforms.


Direction: Bárbara Portilla
Dop: Jaime Mangas
Direction Assistant: Antonio Llamas 
Art assistant: Martina Gozalo
Gaffer: Alejandro Arteaga
Starring: Juan David Rivera