After five years of editorial silence, Fasenuova are back. And from all the ways they could, they have chosen to release a single accompanied by a video clip. With them, the duo makes it clear that everything is still in place. The music of the Mieres band continues to be just as precise and accurate as from day one, and their rhythms just as forceful and sharp. “Arma“, produced again by Óscar Mulero, is an almost adolescent song of urgency, a cry to the dizzying life of our time, a warning as you keep moving forward without looking back. Fasenuova, in the aftermath of a pandemic that has turned the world upside down, seems to be burning on the asphalt kicking the fictitious division between real life and virtual life, more tangible and material than ever. The song in a certain way a premiere: we did not know this kind of rhythmic elements in Fasenuova. The 606 or the MPC that they have used so much are missing; nor does Roberto appear to be scaling the MS20 keys. Other tones, other synthesizers, fight with Ernesto’s voice.

In the video, directed by David Ferrando Giraut, Fasenuova return to the streets of Mieres, their homwtown. The background of the abandoned mines is treated as the ruins of an intergalactic battle, but there are no drugs or digital games that hide the truth. Desolate mining basins where the desolate lumpen proletariat roams as if they were an army of melancholy castaways, provided with a handful of distorted memories, advancing through life aimlessly. Years of loneliness that sharpen the razor of despair appear red and yellow from the left edge of their sanitary masks. All this is reflected in “Arma”, which you can already watch on YouTube and listen to on all digital platforms.

Sometimes fate is magical. “Salsa de Cuervo” (Discos Humeantes, 2013) and “A la Quinta Hoguera” ( Discos Humeantes, 2011) had been sold out for years and were practically impossible to get. But just now we have received a few copies that were missing in a distributor and which now be purchased in the online store of Humo Internacional. We have also got a few copies of “Aullidos Metálicos” (Humo Internacional, 2016) out of stock last year. Whoever arrives first, wins.