Year survived! At Humo Internacional we want to celebrate that despite all the madness this year has been for the whole world, in the midst of this armaggedon of losses and difficulties, in 2020 we have released six albums. ‘Dolo‘ by Somos la Herencia is already sold out in all formats, ‘Sangre‘ from Futuro Terror is around on the lists of the best of the year, ‘Futuros Valores‘ by Pablo Und Destruktion reaffirming that maturity and the inner child are just the same, ‘Íbera Morte‘ by Cruhda, destined to become a cult classic, the recently released ‘Quemar las naves‘, Mohama Saz’s fourth LP, and the compilation ‘Musica grabada # 2‘, which condenses into a single album twelve tracks that make your heart sort out into place. And don’t let your guard down, because we are preparing many many new things for 2021. Thank you for allowing us to start the new year with all the power and enthusiasm intact. Happy 2021!