“Étude de la profondeur” is the third studio album by Territoire, the personal project of the French producer and composer Olivier Arson, with which he starts a new beginning, now alone. In this project, he confirms his personal style and sublimates everything he has learned in years of constantly changing projects and collaborations.

After his last LP “Alix” in April 2018, an overwhelming work in its whole, which included videosingles as “Exil” and “ Esclvvv”, in collaboration with Brbrb, Territoire started a live career that took him for three years to the most reputable stages, as Sónar or Roadburn. In the mean time, Arson won a Goya for composing a soundtrack. Meanwhile, the world kept turning. Is at this point of his career when his new LP is born, a work full of concept, penetrating and extremely personal, with his back turned to mass audiences. 

Recorded live in a remote place in the middle of Islandia, “Étude de la profondeur” extracts from a simple concept, the study of the fall of an object, an extraordinary strength and complexity in overtones, interpreting the movement, a movement that creaks, tenses and explodes in the silence of the depths. In total darkness, the listener discovers an abstract beauty, stripped of all humanity, a mineral beauty of an imagined tectonic. 

The LP “Étude de la profondeur”, by the way with cover by Floating Bstrd, is now available on vinyl in the online store of Humo Internacional. The international premiere took place yesterday in the special streaming edition of the Holland Roadburn festival. You can still watch it on until Tuesday at 6:10 p.m. And for watching it live, Territoire will be presenting his new work in Teatro Replika in Madrid, on May 22. Pay attention to the tickets because they will run out.