15 June, 2021

IGOR presents ‘Sintonía’s first video-single

ESCUCHA ‘SINTONÍA’ AL COMPLETO: SPOTIFY | BANDCAMP | YOUTUBE We interrupt the usual programming to offer you “Los Deportes”, IGOR‘s new video for one of the 22 pieces […]
4 June, 2021

IGOR presents his new LP, ‘Sintonía’

LISTEN TO IT IN: SPOTIFY | BANDCAMP | YOUTUBE Three years after his last LP, IGOR, also known as the designer Igor Casayjardín, slams the table with […]
12 May, 2021

‘Satánica y de Carabanchel’, Viuda’s first single

LISTEN TO THEIR FULL EP AT: SPOTIFY | BANDCAMP | YOUTUBE After the fiery presentation of their first self-titled EP last week, fiery as in a […]
7 May, 2021

Fasenuova is back after 5 years of silence

‘ARMA’, FASENUOVA’s NEW TRACK PRODUCED BY ÓSCAR MULERO After five years of editorial silence, Fasenuova are back. And from all the ways they could, they have […]
5 May, 2021

Coplas and dark punk: Viuda joins Humo Internacional

LISTEN TO THEIR WHOLE EP AT: SPOTIFY | BANDCAMP | YOUTUBE With an almost demonic inspiration, four Asturian women have combined their talent and witchcraft to […]
28 April, 2021

Sofia presents her second single: ‘El Cielo Blanco’

> WATCH “EL CIELO BLANCO”, HER SECOND VIDEO-SINGLE> “DECIR ADIOS / EL CIELO BLANCO” PREORDER NOW OPEN! After releasing Sofia’s debut single “Decir Adios” a month ago, […]
23 April, 2021

Rata Negra’s new LP out now!

LISTEN TO IT NOW AT:  BANDCAMP  |  SPOTIFY  |  YOUTUBE We had been waiting many, many months for this day. If you had been convinced and […]
19 April, 2021

New Territoire’s LP, “Étude de la profondeur”, out now

LISTEN TO THE FULL ALBUM AT:  BANDCAMP  |  SPOTIFY  |  YOUTUBE “Étude de la profondeur” is the third studio album by Territoire, the personal project of the French producer and […]
31 March, 2021

“Étude de la profondeur”, new LP by Territoire

“Étude de la profondeur” is the third studio album by Territoire, the personal project of the French producer and composer Olivier Arson, from which he embarks […]
31 March, 2021

Sofia makes her debut with ‘Decir Adios’

Sofia started off as a process of exploration in the middle of the big lockdown and from there, it has developed. After passing through various projects […]
5 March, 2021

Rata Negra’s ‘UNA VIDA VULGAR’ preorder now open!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here: on April 23rd “Una Vida Vulgar”, Rata Negra‘s third LP, will be released. From today you […]
5 February, 2021

Pablo Und Destruktion new single

It couldn’t be a coincidence that the video of the jump of Charly García crossed the path of Pablo Und Destruktion at the beginning of this […]
13 January, 2021

Rata Negra’s new single

For Rata Negra, getting knee-deep in the bad and the unpleasant things is simpler and more attractive than empathizing with the good and the beautiful ones, […]
31 December, 2020

Happy 2021!

Year survived! At Humo Internacional we want to celebrate that despite all the madness this year has been for the whole world, in the midst of […]
23 December, 2020

“Cuero Rojo”, new single by Somos La Herencia

Somos La Herencia premiere the videoclip for their new single. “Cuero Rojo” deals with the mundane, the day to day duties, with a working life repeating the […]