It couldn’t be a coincidence that the video of the jump of Charly García crossed the path of Pablo Und Destruktion at the beginning of this year, but rather a work made by providence. That’s why Pablo releases his new single: “El salto de Charly García”. 

Charly García resulted unharmed after jumping from a ninth floor into a one meter deep pool, just to face the authorities and show that there is a cosmic order in the universe, an aristocracy of virtue. This demonstration of clairvoyance is the reason why the Argentine artist stars in this new troubadour exploit, composed and narrated by our dear Pablo Und Destruktion. 

In these modern times, where the line between heroism and cowardice is blurred, Pablo gives us this song as a present to push us towards courage, frankness and irreverence. The single is also accompanied by a video which has been recorded in the big cathedral that is Mount Astur, for illustrating this praise to life that comes just at an instant where little else is necessary in order to, in the middle of so much darkness, we can take that decisive step.

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