We are heading towards an uncertain destination, will we leave something for our children? Will we succumb as a species? Can we give a “like” to the great hecatomb or will we be completely idiots? The only alternative seems to be to burn the ships, ‘quemar las naves’. At the moment, in Mohama Saz’s new video the arrival of the messiah to fight the apocalypse is portrayed using desert landscapes and retro-futuristic aesthetics in the Portuguese Algarve, recording the adventure in January of this peculiar year 2020 in which time seems to have stopped. A journey paced by the title song, which begins the journey with a forceful motorik rhythm combined with flamenco moments (as if Neu! And Los Chichos met in a bar in the south of Madrid) and ending with a tribute to Víctor Jara, symbol of hope where there is any.

All this is what you will find in ‘Quemar las naves’, fourth LP by Mohama Saz, available on December 11 on physical and digital platforms. For now, you can secure a copy and a limited edition t-shirt in preorder that will be available from today until November 26.