The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here: on April 23rd “Una Vida Vulgar”, Rata Negra‘s third LP, will be released. From today you can make sure you receive a copy before anyone else, while supporting the band and the label, preordering the record via La Vida Es Un Mus. Only until April 2nd!

The advance singles “El Escarmiento” and “Desconfía de ese chico” prove that this LP is a sure milestone on the band’s career. It is undoubtedly their most pop album to date, if possible even more danceable than the previous ones, and all this without losing their punk essence and without giving up their roots in the undergound. “Una Vida Vulgar” is here to stay, and will be co-released by Humo Internacional and La Vida Es Un Mus, the cult London-based label. 

All the filthy things that make a vulgar life out of our existence are reflected in this new work by Rata Negra, all of them accompanied by melodies with an intense and impeccable sound, and lyrics that turn vulgarity into sublime. Each one of the 10 tracks on the album is worthy of going straight to your favorite playlists, and the full album, a death trap that hooks you deeper and deeper every time you listen to it.

Besides your support, with the preorder you will have the chance to get a limited edition t-shirt designed by the band’s guitar player Fa. Oh, and the album cover is made by Violeta. Remember: this opportunity is only open until April 2!