Yes, it is pop that you hear. But it is still a bit strident and obsolete pop, which seems to have been the specialty of Rata Negra, now frankly.

“El Escarmiento” is the first advance single from the imminent third LP of Rata Negra, “Una Vida Vulgar”, which will be released in April 2021 in Humo Internacional and La Vida Es Un Mus. There is no room for melancholy, there is no room for complacency: with this first single, Rata Negra open the floodgates with all the truth ahead.

Made with the lowest of budgets and recorded with a couple of mobile phones in a rehearsal room at Rock Palace in Madrid on Samhain Day 2020, as a black mass, music-wise “El Escarmiento” approaches the early Blondie pop sound, gently stirred with the aquatic harmonies of Lords of The New Church. Visually, their magic is manifested in the video frames with an aesthetic halfway between ‘The Love Witch’ low cost and Anton Lavey’s black masses, with Las Morsas as stellar guests and a nod to “Problem child” as a tip.

All this madness, all this passion, to admit a personal quest for redemption. An invitation to penance, to acknowledge our execrable behavior. Sorry, I was wrong, it will not happen again. We deserve the lesson.