We had been waiting many, many months for this day. If you had been convinced and carried away by the advance singles “El Escarmiento” and “Desconfía de ese chico” get ready, because the third album by Rata Negra has come to kidnap your stereo at gunpoint. With no doubt, it’s their most pop album to date and, if possible, even more danceable than the previous ones. An impeccable sound without losing the punk essence that characterizes them. 

This new album by Rata Negra launches accurate messages about the filth that surrounds us and about everything that limits us as human beings, making our existence a vulgar life. As the album is playing, you will feel the irrepressible obligation to send everything in what you have believed to shit, trying to start again. Temptation lurks in each of the 10 pieces on the album, all of them deserving to go straight to your favorite playlists, and the entire album is a death trap that hooks more and more with each listen. Can’t you believe it? Listen to it in full right now on Bandcamp, Spotify or Youtube and you will see.

At Humo Internacional we are so proud for launching this rough diamond of the national underground. Besides, we do it hand to hand with the londinense cult label La Vida es un Mus. If you get “Una vida vulgar” soon, you can still choose between the limited edition red vinyl, or black vinyl. ¡Enjoy it!