For Rata Negra, getting knee-deep in the bad and the unpleasant things is simpler and more attractive than empathizing with the good and the beautiful ones, and they proclaim this with their second advance single “Desconfía de ese chico”. In anticipation of their imminent new album “Una vida vulgar”, the Madrid band challenges once again in this track our internal contradictions in a pop, energetic and captivating way. It’s a missile of danceable guitars to illustrate the figure of “the douchebag”, that person from whom the more people warn you to stay away, the more impossible it’s for you not to approach. 

With an absolutely indisputable musical devotion, the video is an animation made by Fa for the lyrics that Violeta wrote of the song: a delinquent ghost finds true love despite the rejection of others for committing terrible acts.

With this second advance single, and after his overwhelming presentation song “El Escarmiento”, Rata Negra keeps wondering under a layer of perfect and irresistible melodies and rhythms, what’s right and what’s wrong, which are our mistakes, and if we go down further, revolving around the human condition, passions, weakness, hope and redemption.