After the fiery presentation of their first self-titled EP last week, fiery as in a bonfire, Viuda released their first video-single as a spell that all the santera candles in the world cannot counteract. ‘Satánica y de Carabanchel‘ brings together all the ingredients that these four Asturian women have brought together with their talent and witchcraft: a hypnotic and cañí darkness, sore and pop, that sounds like everything you like about your record collection in a unique way that you’ve never heard before. The EP from which this first single is extracted is the presentation of Widow in her coming-out with five songs of fury and pure poison, brought to corrupt all pure souls and make us flee to the mountains.

You can listen to the EP “Viuda” on all platforms, or get one of the cassettes we have released in a limited edition or, although the limited red edition has already been sold out, its white version t-shirt. And if you’re in Barcelona, ​​don’t miss his satanic ritual on September 17 and 18 at l’Ateneu L’Harmonia, along with Luces Negras and Leonor SS and Irreal respectively. If you want to get started and let yourself be bewitched by the dark arts of Viuda, we can’t make it easier for you.