Sofia started off as a process of exploration in the middle of the big lockdown and from there, it has developed. After passing through various projects (such as Scorpio or POU), she made her solo debut as a non-negotiable need. “Decir Adios” is the first song you can listen to, accompanied by a video recorded by herself, and is part of a collection of songs that will be released in the upcoming months. Music is for Sofia some kind of channel that breaks the conceptual walls in which we remain trapped and which shake space and time. Within that strange dimension we can distinguish his lyrics, which combine the surreal with the simplicity in which feelings are expressed, and his sound, which evokes the minimal and synthwave of the 80s but does so from the present urgency, like a new voice rising between old buildings. Little electronic pop songs that become gigantic in your ears. Sticky and incontestable lo-fi hits.